Your pioneering solution for intelligent fleet management. ​

Your pioneering solution for intelligent fleet management. Our advanced technologies combine telematics and software for efficient fleet control, regardless of size. RYTLE SmarT optimizes operations through perfectly aligned telematics and fleet management software. Discover the future of simple, transparent and efficient fleet management with RYTLE SmarT.

RYTLE SmarT at a glance​

Live GPS tracking and route tracking

With RYTLE SmarT, you always keep an eye on the exact location of your vehicles and can track the routes they have taken. This allows you to precisely control and plan your fleet.

Worldwide access via common web browsers

The software is accessible from anywhere in the world via any popular web browser. This means you can keep an eye on your fleet and data from anywhere - flexibility that revolutionizes your fleet management.

Optimal fleet overview

The software allows you to easily group vehicles into fleets, giving you an optimal overview of your entire fleet. This feature greatly facilitates management and decision-making.

Your benefits


RYTLE SmarT continuously monitors your fleet's service needs and enables direct order placement via software to the European-wide Rytle service network. This minimizes downtime, extends vehicle life and reduces costs while increasing fleet productivity.


RYTLE SmarT accompanies customers personally. We customize the platform to your individual needs. After onboarding, all vehicles are ready for use and accessible worldwide. Our customer service is available via hotline and email.


With RYTLE SmarT, you can reduce your fleet costs. The innovative software monitors your cargo bikes in real time and optimizes resource utilization through precise location data. Scheduling of maintenance and service minimizes repairs and breakdowns.

RYTLE SmarT as the holistic, intelligent transport concept

As intelligent fleet management software, RYTLE SmarT fits perfectly into a holistic, networked transport concept. In combination with our innovative transport solutions such as the MovR3, the RYTLE HUB and the exchangeable RYTLE BOXes, we create an efficient logistics solution for the mobility of the future.



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