SP26 – Single-Track Cargo Bike with Maximum Agility

The SP26 is an electric cargo bike in a single-track design and offers maximum agility in road traffic, even for all-year-round continuous use. Thanks to a powerful wheel hub motor, start-up assistance, and hub gears, it is perfect for quick and effortless transport of goods, even in confined spaces. The customizable configuration makes the SP26 the suitable transport solution for every need. 

The SP26 at a glance

SP26 – Reliable Technology for Continuous Use

The single-track cargo bike SP26, with its powerful exchangeable battery with a long lifespan, is designed for reliable continuous use. A multi-speed hub gear, start-up assistance, and a powerful front wheel hub motor make transporting even heavy goods a breeze. High-quality LED lights, two reliable disc brakes, and a parking brake ensure safety in road traffic.

High Maneuverability Despite Loading

The SP26, as a cargo bike in a single-track design, is fully maneuverable even in the most confined spaces. In this context, the thoughtfully placed cargo carriers ensure additional stability. Depending on individual preference, these can also be permanently connected to the frame. The optional cargo carrier F400, thanks to its wheels, guarantees a secure stand and enables particularly easy and safe loading and unloading of the SP26.

The SP26 Stand-Alone or in a Fleet

Due to its maneuverability, the single-track cargo bike SP26 is an indispensable component for transport concepts in the narrow downtown area or in-house logistics. In this respect, the SP26 is suitable as an entry-level model as well as an addition to an existing fleet of larger models. This electric cargo bike enables delivery directly to the destination point with almost no emissions.

Technical Data


Front wheel hub motor, front engine with start aid up to 6 km/h, support in five stages up to 25 km/h

F400 load carrier

Proven option including castors for a secure stand and easy loading and unloading


Replacement battery, Plug-and-play system, LiFePO4-technology, high safety standard, long lifetime


2 x reliable disc brakes plus
1 x parking brake

Carrying capacity

Up to 145 Kg


Durable aluminium frame with low entry