MovR3 – Electric Cargo Tricycle for Your Business

Faster, more flexible, smarter – this is the RYTLE MovR3, the sustainable electric cargo tricycle, which represents the perfect urban transport solution. Ideally suited for branch deliveries, from transporting craftsmen’s equipment to E-commerce, this electric cargo bike in tricycle format safely and securely transports its load.

The MovR3 at a glance:

MovR3: Your Electric Cargo Tricycle as a Transport Miracle

The MovR3 is equipped with a patented loading bay at the rear including an electrically operated transport fork. The electric cargo tricycle is the perfect solution for getting heavy loads to their destination even in busy city traffic.

Electric Cargo Tricycle with Technical Excellence

Two exchangeable batteries and compartments for two optional spare batteries ensure that the MovR3 cargo bike’s three wheels don’t have to stand still. Motorcycle components and a dual wheel hub motor with start-up aid provide a effortless driving experience. As the electric cargo tricycle is supported up to 25 km/h, destinations are reached quickly and reliably. The reverse function also provides perfect maneuverability.

With the MovR3 Electric Cargo Tricycle Comfortably and Safely to Your Destination

The MovR3 cargo e-bike in tricycle format not only ensures that goods arrive quickly, but also comfortably, safely and above all sustainably at their destination. As an electric cargo tricycle with a cabin, it offers protection against wind and weather. In addition, the high-quality LED lighting system and the indicators increase road safety. The four disc brakes and the single parking brake also improve usage. The fully sprung frame and the sprung seat post make riding on this tricycle cargo bike with electric assistance a comfortable experience.

With the MovR3 Travel Carefree Even Without a Driver's License

In addition to its maneuverability in city traffic, the MovR3 offers more flexibility in other areas. The electric cargo tricycle does not require a driver’s license or registration. Car insurance is also not necessary. Users can simply hop on worry-free and get going. On bike paths, the heavy-duty bike bypasses traffic and gets close to the handover point even in traffic-limited zones.

The MovR3 Electric Cargo Tricycle in a Smart, Holistic Transport Concept

As an electric cargo tricycle with high transport capacity, the MovR3 fits perfectly into a holistic, interconnected transport concept. In combination with a mobile micro depot such as the RYTLE HUB, the exchangeable RYTLE BOX, and the smart RYTLE OS software, an efficient logistics solution for the last mile is created.

Technical Data


Dual rear wheel hub, start aid up to 6 km/h, support in five stages up to 25 km/h, 2 x 125 W nominal power, max. torque 2 x 113 Nm


High-quality LED lighting system for maximum safety


2 x exchangable batteries, LiFePO4 technology with very high security and long lifetime, Plug-and-play system, compartments for 2 x optional spare batteries


4 x reliable disc brakes plus 1 x parking brake

Loading bay &
Load carrier

Electric pallet fork in the rear, loading bay in standard Euro pallet dimensions, modular mounting of the load carrier, e.g., RYTLE BOX or Euro pallet


Full-suspension vehicle, seat post suspension