These Funny-Looking Bikes Will One Day Replace All Delivery Trucks In Downtown Montreal

The city has officially kicked into high gear.

The City of Montreal and mayor Valerie Plante, along with the support of Jalon Mtl, a non-profit think tank that comes up with innovative solutions for “intelligent mobility”, unveiled a brand-new e-bike delivery project that aims to replace delivery trucks.

Project Colibri is the culmination of years of planning to improve the quality of downtown life by eliminating the need for delivery trucks to make local, urban deliveries.

Headquartered in the site of the former bus station on Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est between Rue Berri and Rue Saint-Hubert, Project Colibri aims to reduce traffic congestion and make it easier for delivery drivers to navigate Montreal’s busy streets.

Along with Colibri, the City has made the area a hub for modern mobility, featuring parking areas for Communauto and BIXIs.

Mayor Plante explained at a press conference yesterday afternoon that, “the Colibri project will not only support our city’s shift to a greener future but also help improve the safety of road users by limiting the number of trucks in the city centre. Montréal is emerging as a leading logistics laboratory, and I’m very proud of that!”

Four local companies and one national, Purolator, have already signed up for Project Colibri and Mayor Plante hopes that more will join in the coming years.

“Accelerating innovation in urban logistics is key to moving our society towards a more sustainable form of shared mobility. In this regard, the innovation platform provided by Colibri will allow us to test concrete solutions for the movement of goods,” says Jean-François Tremblay, President and CEO of Jalon Mtl.

Starting this September, Project Colibri introduces two cargo e-bikes that “have the potential to revolutionize urban delivery.”

Though still only a pilot project, the City of Montreal and Jalon Mtl hope that cargo e-bikes will be the first choice for companies that make urban deliveries.

The City will explore other delivery solutions with other private companies and institutional partners. For now, Project Colibri will only be for downtown Montreal.

“This project is part of our $1B delivering the future investment plan designed to future-proof our business, step-change our operations, and stay ahead of dynamic market shifts to best serve our customers for generations,” says John Ferguson, President and CEO of Purolator.

Look out for cargo e-bike deliveries coming to a downtown street near you!

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